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Mission Statement

MSEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of individual athletes through the sport of alpine skiing by providing positive role models, quality ski race training and competitive opportunities for young Western Montana Skiers.

Coaches' Vision Statement

It is our mission to provide the Missoula community with an environment that allows young athletes to strive to reach their individual potential and pursue life's goals through the sport of skiing. Our primary goal is to help each athlete learn the tools necessary to be successful in any aspect of life: whether it involves athletics, arts, education, occupation, or any other personal interest. Teaching the techniques of ski racing is secondary to the coaching of athletics as a way of life. MSEF's philosophies are based on the process of setting individual goals and maintaining focus of long-term direction for accomplishing these ideals. We firmly believe that an athletic lifestyle includes characteristics such as; confidence, respect, honor, responsibility, trust, initiative, and dedication. MSEF maintains that an individualized, athlete-driven program offers a beneficial environment for developing these characteristics.